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We generally blame a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle for the weight we gain over time and deem overweight people as irresponsible for not taking their health serious enough, but, at times, things turn out to be completely different from what we assume and contradict to things we often hold responsible.

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Now this would come across as a serious surprise to many of us that weight gain can be intentional too, in fact, football fans would swear on that for it is something, that is quite common in this and many other related fields.

An example in this connection is that of Joe Thomas, the ex- football offensive tackle who always appeared big and huge throughout his 11 years career. While a random gaze on anyone this big would give us an impression of its poor lifestyle choices, reason for the future Hall of Famers extra pounds was quite different and interesting.


Joe perhaps, had a similar fate like all the other linemen of his kind. These so called ‘athletes’ who supposedly need to be in their best body shapes are commanded to follow casual eating behaviors, for the demand of position associated with their game.

Their mission is simple- to gain a good amount of body mass that is rightly balanced with a higher degree of natural strength. Understandably, they stand on the offensive line wherein their only focus is to move other players off the beaten track.

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Frankly, Joe was not the only bigger and badder guy that has undergone the trauma of forceful eating and gaining, there are hundreds of similar tales that are as upsetting and as disturbing as his.

As per some investigations, retired National Football League Linemen tend to be at a higher risk of developing health problems like cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome and hypertension than the ordinary people of the same age group.

This is because the suggested calorie intake of a healthy man is 2500 a day, whereas they are instructed to stuff themselves with no less than 5000 calories a day. Imagine how detrimental this ‘instructed’ eating could be that literally makes your way to obesity and other complications further lead by it.

Well, these are some dark sides of sports we generally pay less heed towards.


The ex- Browns tackle who ballooned to 312 lbs by his last National Football League season is making headlines these days. Interestingly, Joe Thomas, the once ‘big guy’ is on his way to rid himself of the excess poundage, he gained during his tenure.

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Now since Thomas is no more bounded to his professional commitments, he is taking every possible measure to restore his nutritional sanity.

Thomas in fact, has come quite far with his mission to lead a healthy life and appears to be in a much contented space after losing a whopping amount of 50lbs- through a simple, but important change.

According to him, he was quite positive about his decision and was eager to materialize it once hitting his retirement. Essentially, he wanted to get over with the lifestyle he was following earlier, a lifestyle that had threats for him in the future and was full of negative consequences.

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We don’t doubt that Thomas has become an inspiration for others, a man who was desperate enough to get over with his casual and undemanding life, a player who brought the much needed change in him through his usual competitive attitude- why?

It’s because he values health and understands the significance of a balanced life that has no alternate, once things grow out of proportion.


Losing weight for Joe Thomas was not complicated as it is for most of us. Precisely, all he did to overcome his big frame was choosing a nutrient-rich diet and going for the portion control strategy!

He stated:

“You just don’t eat until you feel like you’re gonna throw up at every meal and all of a sudden the weight falls right off”.

Well, that’s what worked for Thomas that simply serves as the testimony of the saying that ‘What you eat is what you are’.

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Furthermore, it is assumed that the 33 years old is also following a training routine, the details of which are yet to be disclosed by the former player.


Joe Thomas transformation has made his fans go gaga over the change, who believe that the guy was prompt enough to take action, unlike other linemen of his field.

The retired, yet young Thomas is winning hearts all over which is something he rightly deserves- after all, holding on your excess weight for the sake of profession and shaking off post retirement for the sake of health is no easy job!

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